Please! – Thank you! – we learned to say this to be polite!

Nowadays these words are not as popular anymore, the importance of politeness decreases.

• But is there a reason besides politeness why THANKYOU is so IMPORTANT to us?

Many guides to happiness, being content and mindfullness advise to find at least 3 things of each day to be grateful for. Technics like NLP also suggest this “method”.

• What’s the aim and the effect of this exercise?

Eventhough there might be many more benefits of a humble and grateful mindset, the greatest secret lies in the alteration of our focus. Most of the time, we remember only the BAD things that happened. Everything, that went WRONG

If I sit down now to think about what I can be grateful for, I focus on the GOOD BEAUTIFUL things of the day, everything that worked WELL.

And if I remember nice and beautiful things and feel grateful, this is a gift I receive.

• Hereby a feeling  of having received a present arises

Seen from the biological point of view, a lot of positives things are triggered: Hormons that make us happy flood our system, breathing and blood pressure are positively effected. And if you do this exercise in the evening,the sleep will be so much more peaceful, taking the thoughs withus into sleep.

Seen this way, gratefullness should be given as a prescription!

• WHAT are we grateful for?
  • for presents
  • for help
  • if good things have been done or given  to us

As I find a few things at night to be grateful for, this reinforces the feeling and changes the awareness, that someone has treated me nice and endowed something me with something.

• WHY do we say THANK YOU?

because we learned it!

But seriously – Why do we say thank you?

We express our APPRECIATION or VALUATION – we understand the value of something.

So through being grateful and saying THANK YOU, I realize the VALUE of the good things that happened to me.

Therefore – have a rich and valuable day! 
So just try it out and enjoy the positive effect!

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What are your experiences? What are you grateful for?
Does this exercise change the way you look at your day?

Let me know in the comments below ↓

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