Listen to your head – and follow your heart!

Follow your heart - Folge Deinem Herzen - ist so leicht gesagt. Sei vernünftig! Lernen wir, wenn wir aufwachsen. Und wenn wir groß sind, lernen wir, dass es wichtig ist, seinem Herzen zu folgen, statt dem Kopf. Warum es VERNÜNFTIG ist seinem Herz zu folgen, liest Du in meinem neuen Post...Follow your heart 

is so easily said.

Be rational! That is what we learn, when we grow up and when we would rather listen to our heart. Right & wrong. Black & white.

And when we grow up, we’re told, we have to listen to our heart instead of our head and have to learn again to listen to the little voice of the heart.

 Why should we follow our heart?

Is this just something to get us off the right reasonable way? Should I suddenly only listen to my heart and switch of my head?
What do I have my head for, if I am supposed to ignore it????

• Okay – what happens if I only listen to my head?
  • I choose reasonable “save” decisions, which are based on experiences and statistics of others, based on numbers and facts. But we are unique indiviuals – how should a statistic average suit me?
• That reminds me of a fantastic speach of Jim Carey:

He says, that his dad also has a great comedy talent. But he didn’t choose the comedian way, but chose the “safe” path of an office job. So he spent all of his days with things he didn’t like and didn’t satisfy him – because of the security of the job.
Until he lost his safe job and got fired.
Das Fazit von Jim Carey’s conclusion is plausible and totally ingenious:


I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that:
you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love!

If we do things without our heart, this is no fun, makes uncontent in the long term and can even cause illness. We learn to act against ourselves and continue doing so also in other domains.
If on the other hand we do something we love, success isn’t garanteed but also not excluded. Do you know those people who do things – so full of passion? Who eletrify everybody and infect with their enthusiasm?

• This passion is what makes us successfull.

Therefore I can invest more energy – and I receive more energy than I use.
This spark in the eyes, this verve, this voice, ….
…is the most beautiful thing for me. And automatically pass on my joy and happiness, I radiate fortune – at work as well as at home, to the people I love as well as to everybody I meet along the way.

• I am ALLOWED to be how I want to be – and allowed to use my HEAD!!!!!

But even my HEAD understands, that it is more reasonable to be a passionate cook than an unhappy accountant (or viceversa).

Because our passion makes us so much better in what we do.

If something is done WITH LOVE, it is always better and we are willing to invest more time and energy into improvement and advancements. Enthusiam and conviction are as strong and powerful ressources as joy.

So it is plausible, healthy and logically  undermined –

Listen to your HEAD – and follow your HEART!


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