Are you fortunate or unlucky?

gluükspilz luckyAre you blessed with fortune or followed by bad luck?

There are always the lucky ones and the ones with bad luck… right?
The statistics say something different!
What sounds surprising in the first place, seams reasonable if we take a closer look:

The fortunate people are as lucky or unlucky as the unfortunate.

• How do we see an unlucky chap?

The glass is always half empty and the day is a line-up of bad experiences.

Don’t we all know days like that?
Everything falls down and breaks, all the people and colleagues get on the nerves and everything is crappy? They always have new bad stories. Because: there’s ALWAYS something! Nothing goes well and the people around want to harm them. They seem to attract bad luck.

Their grocery bag rips and everything falls in the dirt, just because those things always happen to them.

 • And what characterizes the lucky ones?

A happy positive Person who directs his focus on the good things. Somebody who is grateful even for the little moments and things in life .

Yes, they also drop their grocery bag and their things break.

But they also see the people who helped gather everything or just offered their help.
And sometimes they also have bad times! But they have the gift to see something beautiful in everything, even the hard times.

• They can turn normal things into something special
• They have an aura that attracts good things
• They see the good in a person and thereby make them shine. And if somebody talks about all the good things that happened to him, we also remember positive stories. And we continue our path with a happy smile.

There are people who always win something doing competitions like crosswords Lucky persons!
Okay, they participate at every competition, they manufacture beautiful postcards and just try 1,000 times more often than others. But when they win, it’s only because they’re lucky…?

• The negative way of looking at things

Dirty puddle in the street? Or: look! It’s shaped like a heart! 🙂
If someone talks about all the bad things and unlucky coincidences, we also remember all the bad moments, where everything went wrong. And all of a sudden, the world seems to be full of bad moments! They don’t see the heart shaped puddle, they are so busy fussing, that they step in the middle of it. And get their feet wet. Of course!

When I take a gloomy view of something, I don’t see the beautiful little things at the side of my way. Then the most beautiful sunrise can come my way and I don’t see it.

• So where is the difference?

The lucky ones just don’t give up and keep on trying – over and over again.
They see the best in everything and have a positive point of view.

The unfortunate concentrate on the negative. They try something – fail and give up! Because they think, they can only fail, since they are unfortunate…!

• So the biggest difference is in the point of view – where do I put my focus? Which side gets my attention?

The way how focussing works is something, we all know: you want a drivers licence and all of a sudden you only see driving school cars!
Or you’re expecting a baby and all of a sudden, the world is full of buggies and babies….

• The good news!

Our focus is something we can influence and change. Maybe not overnight, but with a little practice it works. And then something unimposing but really valuable helps: being GRATEFUL!

• Here is a workout → ‘from unfortunate to lucky’: 

I can look at my bad luck situations and look at them from a different angle, change my point of view – which positive outcomes can I see?

  • How can I see that from a different angle?
  • Did somebody help me?
  • Did somebody cheer me up or encourage me?
  • Is there a solution and what could it look like?
  • Is there a possibility to smile about it? Or myself?

And then review my day if I missed out some positive moments:

  • Did somebody open the door for me?
  • Did I catch my bus or train on time?
  • AND: Is there something nice that I DID?
  • Did I simply smile at somebody?
  • Did I help somebody? Without any aim or intention?
  • And did I get a smile for it?

When we let all of this touch our heart, it will transform our perception.

And so we can transform ourselves:

→ from unlucky to fortunate!


It sounds so easy. And simple. And can be so difficult!
But – little by little, step by step, we will succeed and transform ourselves and our lives!

Yours, Angela


Which point of view do YOU have?
Are you fortunate or unlucky?
Let me know in the comments below ↓


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