Perfection is a misunderstanding

Perfektion Perfection• Perfection is a misunderstanding – this is what I understood this morning!

What is perfect?
Everybody has a quite precise idea what is perfect. Right?

Most of the time, we immediately have an image in our mind, a person, a formmula, a song, a moment, …
Almost everything can be perfect, where we compare ourselves:

• Perfect figure/legs/teeth/features
• Perfect design/car/aerodynamics
• Perfect symmetry/flawlessness
• the perfect wave 🙂
• everybody has somethingelse to add here…

• But – let’s have a look at this assumed perfection:

How often have we seen the perfect Beauty in tears that just cried? In big sad eyes?
And what do we see if we are the crying person?
Swolen eyes, smudgy make-up or red nose…. definetely not perfect!

• This cute insecure smile that is so charming?

For sure this Person doesn’t feel perfect, because insecurity can never be perfect?
This person that is perfect to us is this not DESPITE but BECAUSE of all the little flaws and imperfections.

If we tell the Person, the Respons is: How can I be perfect if I have so many flaws?

The sunset – is a sunset perfect and beautiful if the weather is ‘perfect’? No!
Only when dust or fog or even clouds are there, the sunsets unfoldsits complete beauty and blaze of colour in refracting the light in the waterdrops!

• Faces which are completely symmetrical are perfect. – Really?

But we assume faces as more special, sympathetic and memorable if the face is slightly asymmetrical….
And absolute symmetry seems beautiful, but rather cold, impersonal and almost boring.

If all stones are the same and perfect, they are also boring. And boring is not really perfect either?????
It’s the little flaws and individualities that make someone unique, adorable – and therefore perfect.

• So: perfection is not a fact – but a matter of opinion!

And it often lies in the eye of the beholder. Therefore it is a misunderstanding , if we measure ourselves with the ‘rules’ of perfection. Symmetry, completion and flawlessness are not always the measurement for perfection.
Sometimes even the opposite can be the case.

Funny 🙂


Of course these conclusions are not perfect.
But who is the one to judge?
And it is enough, if these conclusions make us think about if perfection is the right and only goal to strive for.
And if it is something we really want to achieve? 
Somebody, who is perfect in the sense of flawless is somebody who is intimidating and daunting – and not as sympathetic as somebody who seems human by a few imperfections.

Intimidating and daunting is also not really perfect?

So hopefully we can finally free ourselves step by step from the limitating thoughts and images which makes us feel so small and imperfect.

Because PERFECTION can obviously be something completely different than we assume 🙂    

Does this way of questionig help you?
What do you think about perfection?

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