PLEASE? You’re welcome!

There are a few words that have a lot of POWER and can make a big difference.

PLEASE and THANK YOU are such words. They have such a big impact if they are said.
And as well, if they are NOT said…

Why do we say PLEASE? And why – You’re welcome?
What do those words really mean?

• Please?

This is all about asking someone for something. Asking for help.
Sometimes it is so easy to ask someone for a favour in things we rahter dislike, little things.
Can you bring the garbage down to the bin?

On the other hand, it is so hard to ask for help, where we really need it!

• If I ask for something, it is more than just a simple question

Please – means, that I see that I need something, that I lack something. And that I cannot solve that on my own – or do not want to. Or that somebody else has, what I need or want. I expose myself and lower my guard.. It means we depend on the help of others.
Although we want to be lone warriors. Where we have to let go of our pride and show our neediness, weakness or desire. Or where we may do that.

To ask for help or for advice (or for direction:) ) is often seen as a weakness.

• But: Is asking for help or advice a weakness?Is that so?

If you take an objective look at it, it is only an efficient use of available power and knowledge! 
I lack knowledge, strength or ressources and somebody else has them. To try to tediously work out everything on your own is much more inefficient than asking somebody who has the knowledge.
It also takes more courage and strength to show your needs than to hide them.

• And how does my counterpart feel?

If somebody asks my for help – What does that do to me?
I consider, if I can help, if it is possible in terms of time, ressources, and so on.
Often I am happy to help.
Do I see the other one as weak? –  No.
Do I see them as incompetent? – Neither.
The feeling of weakness is therefore obviously only inside of me – a selfmade feeling.

• PLEASE makes the big difference

The one thing that makes the big differenc is the little word – Please.
Would help me? Please?
This word changes the sound, the feeling . from a demand where my help is required – to an open question.
Then I really like to help 🙂

And then I can say:

• You’re welcome! My pleasure!

This is all about sharing and giving. You’re welcome is something I can say if I give from the bottom of my heart. When I give things consciously – not because I HAVE to but because I WANT to!
And then I can give with joy and say: my pleasure!
I give something, the other one acknowledges it . by saying thank you and I am happy.

• Because – I am able to give:

I CAN DO something or I HAVE something that somebody else needs or wants. If then I can give from the bottom of my heart this rewards me as a donor as much as the one I help.

Condition for giving from the heart is having something for yourself. And having ENOUGH for myself, I can give unconditionally.

• That is why these words are so important!

Therefore I want to use these words more consciously and want to say them wholeheartedly – and practice GIVING and RECEIVING!

How do you feel about giving and receiving?
Is that easy for you?
Please state your experiences in the comments ↓

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