Hey, so great, that you found your way here!

• Who am I?

I am Angela – just me!

I have always been collecting fascinating TEXTS, reading and writing, collecting and taking PICTURES. Everything beautiful inspires me. Furthermore the beauty that lays in the SMALL EVERYDAY THINGS catches my eye.
All of that I have always collected FOR MYSELF. And showed them to friends every once in a while.

As time went by, the questions came up rather frequently:

• HOW NICE! – Can you send that to me? Can you share that with me?

So I started spending more and more time distributing my pictures and texts via WhatsApp, Email, facebook or where ever, until one day I came up to the conclusion – there has to be an easier way!

• and this is how this website was born!

So I took the chance and dared to show my thoughts and pictures, the world the way I see it.
Because I think everybody has a unique point of view and sharing these things with others, enriches our lives and the lives of the others.


And this is, what I like best – because I have found out that joy is highly CONTAGIOUS!

Before, I had the feeling, that I had to commiserate with the people and put their interest above my own. Later, at some point, I began to care for my own wellbeing.
And at that moment, I was feeling so fantastic, that my JOY was overflowing!
I couldn’t do anything else but tell the people about ist…

• and then the unexpected happened!

Instead of having to feel guilty, that I was feeling so happy while the others were miserable, I discovered, that the JOY  simply INFECTED the others! It is VIRULENT!
So I understood that the best I can do FOR OTHERS, is to take care of MYSELF! Because then I have so much more energy to really be there for others.

• therefore now I want to share it with you 🙂

Everything that is beautiful, everything that touches the heart and gives JOY or furthermore my THOUGHTS how to see the world in a different way.
Let yourself get INSPIRED, bewitched and get infected by my JOY 🙂

Yours Angela

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