The Little Prince

der-kleine-prinzThe Little Prince

“Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut. Das Wesentliche ist für die Augen unsichtbar.”

World-famous- everybody knows it!! Right?

Since I already got to know 2 people which didn’t know the book, I just use the opportunity to introduce this book here.

This is a book that accompanies me since childhood and touches my heart again, everytime I read it. Each time there’s a new facetta that shows up, each time I gain a new insight.

And it always touches my heart.

So pure deep wisdom – simply unbelievable and wonderful.

The book tells the story of a pilot that crashes with his airplane in the desert, where he meets the Little Prince: A Little guy, coming from a foreign planet – a very small planet. The Little Prince tells him about his rose that grows there and about his love for her.

And about his journey and all the planets he passed on his way to earth.

What is really important?

In beautiful pictures he questiones all the big ‘values’ in life: Might, Money, Beauty, Ratio, Intelligence, … – what is all of that worth? What is really important?

There is a king without people to rule, there is a rich man only counting money without an opportunity to spent it, a man depressive about being addicted to wine, which makes him so miserable, that he drinks more wine and other images that make us review what really matters….

Or could it be true that only love counts? What we make ourselves familiar with?

The poetic style is unique beautiful and maybe it is the same for you as for me: to just grab the book again and let the story sink deep into our heart…

The original version is published in Karl Rauch Verlag: